Stephanie and Paul | Wedding at the Fairmont Banff Springs Resort Hotel

Bride: Stephanie Jooste

Groom: Paul Du Toit Schreve

How We Met: We met through mutual friends. Now I mean friends as in 2 of them. Steph’s friend, Alicia, was friends with my friend, Dawid. Alicia invited Dawid and I to a party her housewarming party in a town called Franschoek in South Africa. Dawid, on the day decided he won’t go, but I decided I will still go, because I want to meet some new people. And surely enough on arrival, it was a little awkward because I just knew one person. But Alicia introduced me to everyone. But as you know when you meet everyone at the party you forget the names pretty quickly. So I went into the kitchen to pour me a drink and Steph joined me there. And then magic happened.

What do you like about him:
The way he makes me smile!!!

What do you like about her: The way she carries her emotion on her sleeve.

Proposal Story: It all started back in December 2007 when I first met Steph, I instantly knew I was going to marry her. And you can ask my friend Dawid, and he will verify it. But skipping ahead a couple of years… Steph came to visit me in Canada for 3 weeks. She knew I was going to propose but she didn’t know more than that. We went out for a picnic that day, and she thought that I was going to ask her to marry me there in the park… I didn’t, I had a different proposal in mind. So we went back to the apartment after having a wonderful day, and we just started to unwind. I told her that I wanted to play her a new song I have written, and I made it look exactly the same way it does every time I play her a song. I sang through the whole song, and I was a little nervous because I wanted it to be very special…

“Believe, you and me, forever in a dream
I want to ask you this, will you marry me”

As I sang these final words to her, I took the ring and asked her again will you marry me and she said yes.

Why did you choose location: Our friends, Jani and Hp Botha (Bridesmaid and Groomsmen) got married at The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel 2 years ago. Jani was helping me look for venues, as I haven’t been in Canada very long. She thought of giving their wedding venue a call and it worked out that Paul and I could get married in a beautiful castle. It was amazing as the venue was a perfect fit for the romantic and intimate setting we wished to create for our wedding. Initially, we chose the date because it was a long weekend and would give our parents the opportunity to spend some time with us before the wedding as my parents had to fly up from South Africa and Paul’s parents had to drive down from Chetwynd, BC. We were also VERY BLESSED that we were married on Easter Weekend and shared our special day with my parents, as they were married on the same day 28 years ago.

Wedding Theme: Intimate, quaint, colorful and romantic. I loved the purple, silver and white. Paul wanted to add some green. Together it create a fresh and dramatic feel.

Best Surprise (For Stephanie): I had two great surprises on the day. Paul had sent me a gift (my favorite perfume) with a beautiful poem he had written the night before. The other surprise happened after the ceremony while we were taking a few pictures. The hotel had Easter activities for kids in the hall next to The Angus Hall our wedding reception took place. We were taking a picture outside the room when we saw a little girl staring at me with sparkles in her eyes. She thought I was a real princess. I smiled at her and a minute later she brought he a paper flower she had made in the Easter activity room. The little girl was so sweet we offered to take a picture with her-that was a special surprise.

Best Surprise (For Paul): On the morn of the wedding. Stephanie sent me a gift with her dad. As I opened it, I was quiet surprised because I had no idea what it was… Luckily H.P. was there so he told me it is cufflinks, and it had mine and Stephanie’s initials on it. But my biggest surprise of the day was when the most beautiful bride walked through the door, the only thought through my head was: “Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow…etc.”

Emotional Moments (For Stephanie): There are so many emotional moments that it is difficult to choose just a few, but my most memorable was walking down the aisle with my Dad (we kept me so calm), seeing Paul’s huge smile as I walked down the aisle, hearing Paul’s personal vows and reading mine to him as well as a long hug with my Mom after the ceremony.

Emotional Moments (For Paul): There were truly a lot of moments that stand out, but the moments that really crept into my heart, was when I and Stephanie did our vows, I remember that I could hardly speak, because I had to push back some tears of happiness. I couldn’t believe that I and this angel are getting married. Secondly was when I did the toast on my parents. I am very proud of them and they are true role models for me. And thirdly was when my new father-in-law gave me his daughters hand after/during the father-daughter dance.

How would you describe you day: Wow, there are so many words that could describe the day like perfect, beautiful, pretty, blessed, honest, heartfelt… But if you take all these words and put then together it wouldn’t even come close to describing the day. It is truly a day that will be remembered forever. There was only pure happiness, no sadness, no anger. It was as if romance could be touched.

Ceremony: The Angus Room at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.
Reception: The Angus Room at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.
Bride’s Gown: My Wedding Place
Grooms Tux: Noir Formal Wear
Bridesmaid Dress: BCBG
Groomsmen Tux: Milano for Men
Hairstyling: The hair Company in Banff (Stylists: Amber and Monique)
Make-Up Artist: Tanya Fischer
Wedding Cake: Cake Creations (Barbara Laberge)
Flowers: Bought at Costco. Centrepieces made by Stephanie Jooste and Jani Botha. Bridal and bridesmaid bouquet and decorative flowers made by Renda Schreve.
Officiant: Pastor David Funk
DJ: Kevin Glass
Linen and Decor: Purchased at
*Just thought I’d mention the wedding planner: Jani Botha (also bridesmaid)


















































































































































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