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M&N – Glamour and Chic Wedding Reception


How did you meet?


We were introduced to each other by our sisters, who are really good friends and are now successful matchmakers. We didn’t live in the same country so mainly texted and FaceTimed in the beginning. We met for the first time while I was completing a work term in New York City. I remember nervously waiting for him on our first date, his flight was delayed which only prolonged the anxious wait.  I also remember the immediate relief and connection I felt when I first saw him. It was in this magical city that our love blossomed, and I am ever so grateful for it.

How the proposal/engagement went?
His family was coming to Calgary to officially meet mine. He had to work so flew in the next day. I picked him up for the airport grabbed some famous Peter’s Drive Thru burgers, his favourite food, and headed to my favourite spot. A man made lake just down the street from my house. It was a hot summer day and he was holding on to his jacket. We walked around the lake and he asked me where my favourite spot was at the lake, so I took him to this dock area, with a bench that overlooked the lake. While sitting there we excitedly talked about how our families were meeting and how difficult the long distance was now that I was back in Calgary. It was then that he told me he had to ask me a question, he reached for the ring out of his jacket, got down on one knee and proposed. I grasped my face in both excitement and tears. The ring was my dream ring that I had humorously showed him when we were first dating, joking that he wasn’t ready for all the maintenance I came with. But there he was on one knee proving to me he was. As I said yes, who I originally thought was a random runner came and started snapping pictures, after embracing him and finally looking back I realized it was my best friend. He had asked her to come and capture the moment for us.
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Most of our relationship has been long distance, we would spend a lot of time traveling to see one another, so we decided to travel together. We love weekend trips exploring cities on foot. Walking and talking is definitely how we fell in love and a favourite pass time of ours. We definitely have our lazy days where we religiously watch HBO or Netflix. We also revolve our selves around food, whether it’s cooking, going out, or ordering in, we love food and spend a lot of time trying new recipes and foods.


What what the style and inspiration for your wedding?
I myself am ethically Pakistani and my now husband is Afghani. We infused our cultures into our wedding but the overall theme was Royalty. From the venue, dress and cake it was all royal. Royal purple and gold with white flowers and draping. Lots of glam inspired by my inner diva.
We had a two day event. Seeing him for the first time on both of those days was my best and most anticipated moment. Also dancing with our friends and family.


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