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Jason and Megan – Rock Star Wedding at the Cardell Theatre and Bonterra Restaurant

How did you meet?:  Jason and I met at a party hosted by two of our good friends. I was in a band at the time and we were looking for a new guitar player. I had heard he was an amazing player, so as soon as he showed up at the party I pounced on him. We ended up exchanging numbers that night and became pretty quick friends. At the time I was dating someone else so we got to know each other really well as friends. After a couple months I was no longer dating anyone and Jason and had started spending more and more time together. On Aug 16th he sat me down and officially asked me to be his girlfriend. So Cute!!

Engagement story: I had been in Thailand for a month traveling and it was the longest I had been away since starting to date Jason. Once I got home Jason spent a couple days acting a little strangely. The weekend came around and I spent a Sat morning shopping with my mom. I came home with my hands full of grocery bags and walked in to find Jason sitting on our couch looking awkward.He asked me to come sit and talk to him, but I told him I was super busy and we needed to start getting ready for the dinner party we were going to that night. He then said that I really needed to talk to me and my stomach dropped. I went and sat with him and his opening line was “I’ve been thinking about you and I a lot lately and I’m not sure if we should be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore”. So I assumed he was breaking up with me. So I’m sitting there stunned and he reaches over and puts on my favourite song, and I think “he’s breaking up with me to my favourite song”. He then kind of leans over and sort of looks like he fell off the couch. But it turns out he was reaching for something. He turns around with a ring box in his hand and says “I don’t I want to be your boyfriend anymore, because I want you to be my wife”. I immediately start hysterically laughing crying at the same time. We both hug and cry and I immediately say “OMG we have to call everyone” and he says “everyone already knows, I told everyone the night you left for Thailand and everyone has been keeping the secret the whole time you were gone”. It was an amazing moment and suited us so well.

How do you like to spend time together: Jason and I really enjoy music and amazing food. We’re both extremely close to our families so we spend a lot of time hanging with our families.

Wedding theme/motif: Our theme is kind of vintage romantic.

Your best moment:  It’s so cheesy but we kind of have amazing moments all the time.

Wedding song, explain choice for song:   Our wedding song is called Syrup and Honey by Duffy.  It was the first song he and I ever performed live together.

Favorite wedding detail (favours, cake, food, band, etc.):  The band that is playing our wedding are good friends of ours and are one of the most popular cover bands in Calgary. They don’t play private shows very often but as soon as we asked them they jumped all over it. We’re so excited to have them playing our wedding as we think it will make the funnest party.

 Honeymoon or dream place to go: We’re spending 5 days in new York and 6 days in Phoenix. I love to shop and Jason loves to golf so it’s the perfect middle ground.





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