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Heather and Axel – Winter, Skates, Flames, Oilers and lot’s of LOVE

Love, winter and snowflakes. Winter engagement on the fresh snow. Calgary has a lot’s of snow, usually. This winter is completely under a “global warming” sign. We waited and waited, finally after Christmas snow showed up. Fluffy and white, dry enough to be blown and used for a fight. Heather and Axel are hockey lovers. Doesn’t matter that they cheer for two different teams. Love means speaking the same language, spark is needed. Frozen Midnapore Lake is fun attraction.  We could skate around, go on the hockey rinks. Hill was almost empty, tobogganing and dashing trough the snow was a lot’s of joy. Simple, Canadian engagement session. Joyful and fabulous like my engaged couple.  Their Spring wedding will happen at the Nakoda Lodge. We can’t wait! Marshmallow and Nutella were a sweet accents. We had graham cookies and produced perfect smore’s, all three of them before we got catch. If you are thinking to try some custom Marshmallow – try Mia on Etsy. Sparkly engagement ring and fresh snow = even more sparkles.


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