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Blacklight Art Project – Wild, Ethnic Back to the Roots – PG 13

This project brew between Anna, Chris and Emilia and was possible with help of our amazing model and dancer  – Amber.

It’s just a first part and more colourful and wild settings are coming.

Photographed by Anna and Chris


Body painting: Anna and Emilia

Model: Amber Dawne

Background: Artwork by Anna Wasniewska


blacklight 4PINblacklight 7PINblacklight 5PINblacklight 45PINblacklight 26PINblacklight 6PINblacklight 39PINblacklight 46PINblacklight 44PINblacklight 47PINblacklight 31PINblacklight 37PINblacklight 33PINblacklight 29PINblacklight 43PINblacklight 42PINblacklight 2PINblacklight 36PINblacklight 3PINblacklight 41PINblacklight 1PINblacklight 15PINblacklight 11PINblacklight 40PINblacklight 38PINblacklight 34PINblacklight 10PINblacklight 35PINblacklight 48PINblacklight 28PINblacklight 49PINblacklight 50PINblacklight 27PINblacklight 20PINblacklight 30PINblacklight 9PINblacklight 24PINblacklight 12PINblacklight 18PINblacklight 17PINblacklight 25PINblacklight 32PINblacklight 22PINblacklight 23PINblacklight 8PINblacklight 13PINblacklight 19PINblacklight 21PINblacklight 14PINblacklight 16PIN

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